Monday, August 25, 2008

Gossip: Lack of Photo Shoots

We are at a loss:

I think the Duchess promo ppl are fools for not organizing a MA-esque photo shoot with Vogue
Me: I know!!!
or at least Vanity Fair
Lauren: Hell even Elle. Just put something out there
Me: Thats what they did with Star Wars ep 1, both Van Fair and vogue! they were awesome
and that was Star Wars!


  1. The lack of a Duchess photo shoot is nothing short of a travesty!!! I was so disappointed of the shoot with Keira in Berlin when they could have shot her at Chatsworth, wearing outrageously beautiful couture. Talk about a missed opportunity.

  2. I know! Watching that vogue video of the photo shoot was just salt in the wounds. Maybe one will spring up *crossing fingers*