Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Duchess Premiere, Leicester Square

The time is almost here and the stars are out. The premiere of The Duchess was tonight in London. And since I am prematurely writing about it I can't tell you who everyone was wearing or even give you all the photos without getting sued. So yes, I am wasting your time. But here is what I could scrounge up.

Kiera wore this blue little number. Georgiana-approved? Well she is making a statement of sorts which hasn't been seen before so her Grace would like that. However it's been established that that bold blue and lace are in this season so it's not totally risky. The bows confuse me but that is more of Lauren's expertise anyway. Final diagnosis: meh

Hello boys, looking good. Don't forget to tie your shoe Cooper. [Update!] I just found out Cooper is wearing Versace, no word on Fiennes though. Final diagnosis: Cooper should stick with the Willoughby hair for his elfish face and would have looked awesome in a more tailored suit but the boys look good.

I so wish I could get away with posting the gorgeousness that is Amanda Foreman. [Update!] The gorgeousness is up (obviously). She showed up in a navy empire-waist gown and couldn't have looked more stunning. Final diagnosis: Brava!

I also don't know who Tara Palmer-Tomkinson is but she needs to stop spinning around in that awful dress. Ugh!! Final diagnosis: Fire your stylist.

Camilla Rutherford may have been awesome in her small part in Rome but she needs to stay away from those textiles. Final diagnosis: Dress would be awesome if it wasn't made out of Grandma's curtains.

Anna Popplewell is looking good in black. Final Diagnosis: At least someone got the memo to look fresh.

The pictures can be viewed here. If I have access to more I will update and hopefully you will know what I'm actually talking about.

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  1. K is wearing a fun party dress. The bows at the pockets look simply British to me, but no one is saying its a bad thing. and the dots in the lace are not terribly good.... especially from a distance.
    Seems like a cute casual affair where black tights and flats made do.
    But hey! I wasn't there!

  2. I would like Keira's dress if the lace was either on the top or the bottom....but both sides is a little too much. But maybe I'm just comparing her to the beyond gorgeous outfit she wore for the Atonement premiere in Venice last year. And Ralph, I'm not a fan of this haircut. It makes him look like an old man and nooot in a good way :)

    Amanda Foreman looks stunning. I wonder if she picked the dress out herself or if there was a stylist involved...but either way, wow!

    & Dominic Cooper looks hot, as usual.

  3. Amanda Foreman indeed, beautiful dress. Stunning.
    Keiras on the other hand, I think looks a bit cheap, nothing wrong with simplicity, it's just totally wrong fabrics if you ask me.
    Go Kirsten, I say! ^^

  4. Thanks a lot for all your encouraging comments. I had was given a choice of ten dresses and absolutely loved that one. It just felt right. I wish my choice for the US opening had garnered a similar response. I really liked it but the cameras didn't. One critic called it 'flat-out unfortunate'. Oh well. Can't win every time.

  5. I saw a close up of your dress and it looked much different than it did far away, which is too bad! I love Jezebel but I usually don't find myself agreeing with their fashion posts, especially in this case. There were some unfortunate looking dresses, but I won't begin naming names!

  6. I think it would be fun to wear a gown inspired by the period in a classy fashion forward way! (Not in a cheesy Renaissance Faerie way) Historical films can be showcased by historically inspired designs!
    And if I were Amanda I would put my request in for the 'Drunken Dress' as a memento ;)