Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The First Reviews Are In

There are a lot of articles about The Duchess right now; Google News is just full of them! But what kind of ratings is the press giving the flick? Here's some of the reviews I've found.

"In its own way, however, this is a warm-hearted film that bends over backwards to be sympathetic to its Duchess, to the point that it can barely acknowledge her flaws."
3 Stars, Scotland on Sunday

"A good costume drama with the guts to go a little bit further than your average BBC production."
3/5 Stars, EntertainmentWise

Thankfully, the tagline – ‘There were three people in her marriage’ – is as far as the filmmakers are willing to push the [Diana] analogy..."
5/6 Stars, Time Out London

"The real pity is that, given her political credentials, Georgiana was more a 'people's princess' than Diana ever was and yet this fascination with the juicy details of her love life reduces her to a conventional romantic heroine."
3/5 Stars, Channel 4

"The Duchess is a surprise on many levels, apart from Keira’s acting."
8/10 Stars, Future Movies


  1. This isn't really on topic, but... I understand there was a BBC mini series/film of Georgiana's life, called 'The People's Duchess.' I saw some of the images when I was at (the totally FABulous) Syon House in London 4-5 years ago. There wasn't a DVD at the time and there is very little info on it out there. Maybe with this renewed interest the BBC will release it? Has anyone seen it, or better yet, know where a copy could be found? Where's Youtube when we need it?

    Still hoping...(but with a 'Ha!' born of the bitterness of experience).

  2. I certainly hope so! I also heard about this documentary and tried to get my hands on it to no avail. But I hope you are right!