Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tea for Two

Lauren and I were discussing the dinnerware of our favourite ladies which turned into an exchange of china. But why should we hog all this fabulous information to ourselves? There has got to be others out there who would also like to see Marie Antoinette and Georgiana's respected dining sets. The above is what I ran across at a visit to Chatsworth and you will find Marie's Petite Triannon set here.


  1. Gorgeous!! I was fortunate enough to see the Marie Antoinette exhibit at the Grand Palais this summer (don't get me started on THAT topic!) but I guess I was at Chatsworth before Georgiana became a draw. Of course, she was why I went in the first place, but there was so little about her. I guess I'll just have to go back--such a sacrifice!! :)

    Thanks for putting this up. I also understand that Georgiana's Peeresses robes still exist and were worn by the current Dowager Duchess at the last coronation. Is that true? I suppose there aren't many occasions for ermine and coronets, more's the pity.

  2. My Georgiana-senses were tingling when I found this china set. It was hidden away with other dining sets in a corner and there was so specific attention drawn to it. But I noticed it and then noticed the GD and got all excited. I believe it's now part of the display they have setup for The Duchess.

    I never heard about the Peeress robes, but now I am extremely, extremely intrigued! Where did you hear about that?

  3. Hmmm...a challenge....I think I read about the Peeresses robes quite a while ago, but it stuck in my mind since I'm a historic dress fiend. I'm leaning towards Georgiana's World or maybe a book Duchess Deborah wrote. Perhaps even on the Chatsworth site. I'll root around in my piles, since it could have been in Amanda Foreman's bio or the Bess bio.

    Not to ramble, but...has anyone been to Castle Howard? I believe that's where Little G lived after her marriage. I read somewhere (here we go again) that there are mementos of her childhood there. Another challenge!

  4. Love your blog! Its fabulous. Just finished reading The Duchess and am visiting Chatsworth in October. Could you recommend which bits are the most 'Georgiana?'I now feel hooked on the eighteenth century!

  5. Thank you! Lucky you, I was hoping I could make it back this fall for all the fabulous exhibitions this fall but I doubt that is happening. Unfortunately, I feel like Chatsworth, as amazing as it is, doesn't have as much of Georgiana's fingerprints as we would like. Those were left all over Devonshire House where she spent more of her time. I've been doing a series on Chatsworth room by room, and imputing any info pertaining to G I can find in these entries. Check out the Chatsworth tag. I can tell you she would entertain in the dining room and I'm sure she threw balls in what is now the library. Also, she enjoyed walking the gardens (who wouldn't!) with her friends with those big 18th c walking sticks. I can't tell you how much I want one of those. I hope that was helpful, although once you get there it will be brimming with new G info!