Thursday, September 25, 2008

Think " Sex and the City," three centuries ago

Finally! It's about time someone wrote about the fashion in The Duchess. Although this article is mostly about Kiera Knightly I found it to be a good read. It also implies that every one of her movie characters starts a fashion trend. So does this mean we'll be seeing some Georgie false maternity stomachs soon?


  1. Aw, I was hoping that they'd talk about the fashion in the Duchess at least a LITTLE! Personally, there's nothing I would love more than seeing designers put together "modern" looks of Georgiana, if that makes any sense at all. Like I know a lot of shoes in my closet look like something Marie Antoinette might have worn ( or at least how her shoe collection was portrayed on screen... :) )

    I'm still smarting over the lack of a Vogue photo shoot.