Monday, November 17, 2008

The Duchess Poll Results

The results are in, as chosen by you! Before the release date of The Duchess I asked you if you were going to see it. 32 People submitted their opinions and this is what they said:

16 (50%) said I already have my feathers set aside for my grand entrance at the premiere!

9 (28%) said Yeah, I'll see it eventually

2 (6%) said Psh, yeah right, I don't want to witness the murder of a good name

5 (15%)said I'm not stuck in America so I saw it weeks ago!

Last month I asked those who had seen the film to give it their rating on a scale of 5 stars. 113 more people participated in this poll, which resulting in you giving The Duchess an average rating of:
Thanks to everyone for participating!


  1. Oh, I really want to see it! Those scenes I've seen in some trailers make me think that this time Keira Knightley might actually show some good acting (I hope it's not just a false first impression).

  2. I think it hits the rest of Europe 19 December, according to Donnasandra's awesome blog. Unless you are stuck in Germany then it hits on 26 March, yuck!