Thursday, April 30, 2009

IKEA's modern Rococo

I'm not an IKEA person, but I found myself on their site today and I had to share this fabulous discovery. They have an amazing black chest with a mirror which screams modern Rococo. It reminds me of the other modern Rococo accessories (especially plateware) that I keep finding/wanting such as those in these post. This dresser would look amazing with this serving tray displayed on the wall nearby. Oh if only I had a magical interior decoration gift certificate!


  1. Still, it IS painfully Ikea. I mean, that little hint at Rococo with that almost mission style dresser... Why do I feel like I'm seeing some square-shouldered Tory lord parading around in one of the Duchess' famous feathered headdresses?

  2. Oooo now you're just taunting me. I'm actually going to Ikea on Saturday to get some things for my new apartment and there's no way my mom will pay for that (I have to use my boring white dresser from home instead). But I AM doing an "18th century inspired" theme to my new room. So far the only items I have are these fabulous plates to display on my wall:

  3. Oh, I like it. There was an excellent bedroom set in Salem a couple of years ago which I still dream about. But anyway, did you see this one from the same line? It reminds me of the one that got away...

  4. @Paul- I know this entry must just pain you as an interior designer!

    @Katy- I love those plates! I posted them in a past entry, they'll forever remain on my amazon wish list. You'll have to save up for this. Or mayhap you have some rainy day money so you can pick this up yourself? It'll be more difficult to resist in person, I assume.

    @Katy- I want that too! You could dress the mirror with drapery so it would look more accurate. Oh to do one's makeup in such an elegant setting...

  5. Once upon a time (from the middle of the 50's to 1968) IKEA reproduced kopies of this antique chest, made in the neoclassicism style (called gustaviansk in Sweden) and owned by Nordiska museet in Stockholm. The Swedish cabinet maker who carpented it was named Georg Haupt (1741-1784) and he worked for the Swedish royal family, among others.

  6. That is SO incredibly interesting!

  7. I am floored. So NOT the Ikea of today. Kan you provide info on what the Ikea kopy looked like?

  8. Paul Miller - I own a book called Georg Haupt - Gustav III:s hovschatullmakare by Lars Ljungström and that book shows a picture of IKEA's Haupt-copy from the IKEA catalogue, year 1965. The text says (my own mediocre translation):

    "modell HAUPT N. M.
    Chest of drawers in a Haupt-model after an original from Nordiska Museet. It is totally craftsmanlike made of highest quality laminated wood with really stylish inlays of jacaranda, honduras [mahogany?], bubinga [false rosewood?], gurana et al. tropical kind of woods. Antique finished, casted in one piece brass mountings. Full veneered and beautiful finishing, also inside. Polished in the woods natural colours. Three lockable drawers of oak and a board in brown - or grey blotched marble. Every chest of drawers are signed.
    Hauptbyrå N. M. is 82 cm high, 95 cm wide, 51 cm deep and the weight is 80 kg.
    Price sek....................792.-"

    I'm sorry but that's all information I can give you, Paul Miller.

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