Thursday, April 30, 2009

School Portraits

Do you suppose that when King George III or his brother Edward Duke of York looked back on this painting of themselves with their tutor by Richard Wilson they were like, "Ugh I hate my 6th grade school picture, I looked like such a dork!"

I also doubt, based on this portrayal, that Tutor Ayscough was generous with recesses.


  1. Psh, still looks better than my 6th grade picture. And they had WAY better outfits, no fair!

  2. They were so CUTE! Funny how kids back then were so much cuter than kids today! Maybe because they wore nicer clothes, and because they exist only in paintings and letters (so they can't make any noise or knock things over and they don't have sticky hands!). But anyway, somehow I get the impression that George III didn't have much shame about his past.