Thursday, April 9, 2009

It's Finally Making it's way to North America!

Look what I found on Amazon: the new cover for the American version of Lady Worsley's Whim! This time it is called The Lady in Red and has a different spicy cover, although I'm sure the content inside will be just as fantastic. If you recall, I simply could not promote this biography enough; it was simply awesome. Sadly, American crowds still must wait until July for this tale of a tart but at least now it can be pre-ordered!


  1. Thanks Heather! I hope everyone in the US enjoys 'Lady Worsley's Whim', under its new American title.
    I'm absolutely loving your blog!
    Hallie x

  2. Thanks for the update Heather. I love the new cover but I may break down and buy the English version if it comes out in paperback before July.

  3. Thanks Hallie!

    @Elizabeth- I think I might have to get both too, I love both of the covers!