Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bad 18th Century Costume Halloween Countdown

There is 10 days left until Halloween!

This costume doesn't just fray at the edges constantly; it also doubles as a light beacon! Simply shine a light on it, and you will be radiating. Warning: don't wear before nightfall, could cause blindness or seizures. All this could be yours for a mere $87. Shipping and handling includes burn victim emergency kit. Whore wig sold separately.

[Disclaimer: If you have one of these costumes in your closet, never fear, Halloween is all about campy fun and so is this countdown. You better work that costume on 31 October as if it's Gucci!]


  1. Stop linking to my costume! I dont want anyone else to have it.....

    Shoo readers! Shoo!

  2. Ha, ha. You guys are dorks.
    [love the whore wig bit - very funny]

  3. Lol! I always have a ball looking at "historical" Halloween costumes. What's so ironic (?) is that the ones that are actually somewhat accurate are found in sewing catalogs--but who wants to sew their costume unless they're a ghost? It's all about being skanky!

  4. I love the way you worded this, it had me snorting with laughter. At least you'd be seen in the darkness although I fear the second a headlight alights upon it the poor driver will be blinded with reflection.

  5. Hahaha! That just gave me a great comedic visual

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  7. Haha!
    You think THAT is creapy!?
    I've got some links for you here.
    If you're a very sensitive person, just DON'T look at it...

    So, you've got 10 days left to Halloween... I'm looking forward to your comments about those costumes:

    the first is called 'Pompadour Rococo' and costs 89,90€,4a38ead06e5dd,484fd1acb5cd79_7,kost%C3%BCm-pompadour-rokoko-sonnenball-historisch

    then this one: a couple 'Castle mistress and master' for about 120€;jsessionid=154ae01d8f56a99/shopdata/?main_url=go.shopscript%3Fa%3DOR1098A

    and last but not least, his and her majesties. the queen available for 79,90€ (not too bad in comparison with the others...ahem...),48a0368ca1407,484fd1acb5cd79_7,kost%C3%BCm-queen-k%C3%B6nigin-rokoko-sonnenball-historisch

    [funny to see how the germans (I'm one too, haha) aren't able to find product names... the costume is actually called 'queen queen rococo' as if one queen wouldn't do...

    Unfortunately there are many many more... (just imagine the medieval costumes part...)

    Happy Halloween to you... I know YOU guys will dress better!

  8. Ooh it's so nice and shiny. At least you won't have to worry that your friends might lose you in a crowd wearing that little number.