Friday, October 23, 2009

Movie Review: Muppet Treasure Island

Based on Stevenson's classic novel, Muppet Treasure Island takes some liberties in veering from the original story. This is made up with the illustrious and star-studded cast which includes, Jennifer Saunders, Kermit the Frog, Billy Connolly, Miss Piggy, Tim Curry, Gonzo the Great, Kevin Bishop, Fozzie Bear, and the list goes on and on.

The story begins with the young and girly-voiced, Jim Hawkins (Bishop) who is an indentured servant for the sharpe-eared and husky, Mrs. Bluberidge (Saunders) who owns the local tavern. Hawkins craves adventure and after listening to regular, Billy Bones' (Connolly) pirate tale's of adventures, is even more keen to sail the high seas. Everything changes when the black spot is delivered to Billy one night at the tavern and the old pirate is struck with a heart-attack and in his final moments, bequeaths a treasure map to Jim. With his companions, Gonzo ans Rizzo, Jim leaves the tavern as it is being attacked by pirates and leaves Mrs. Bluberidge to defend it herself (she needs no aid). Soon Jim and his friends on a ship destined for the treasure where they meet Captain Smollett (Frog) and the ships cook, Long John Silver (Curry) whom they befriend. But when the crew finally arrive at the island it is discovered the whole crew was in fact pirates and that a lady from Captain Smollet's past resides on the island.

Believe it or not, this epic adventure-film is considered a comedy! It has both the elements of a musical or an oscar-worthy drama. Although many commended Kermit the Frog's performance I was most impressed with Tim Curry and Same Eagle. Miss Piggy should have been a shoe-in for best supporting actress in 1996. As for the costumes, they aren't always accurate but are still impressive. The music, being by the amazing Hans Zimmer makes for a great soundtrack. A must-see, especially for those in touch with their inner-child or perhaps those who have a child!


  1. Hear, hear! A true classic and anyone who doesn't just love Tim Curry has a lot of 'splainin to do. It's been so long since I've seen this. Now I have to watch it and get a fix. Maybe a double feature with Yellowbeard.

    There are so many great Muppets that it's always been hard for me to pick a favorite. The Swedish Chef, the Critics, poor Beaker, Gonzo's sick obsession with chickens. But Sam Eagle doesn't stand a chance. He's so wonderfully pompous and always gets shot down. I wonder if there was an episode where he came out on top. Just once.

  2. Sam Eagle is my absolute favourite. I pretty-much loose it every time I see him.

  3. Aw, this is one of my favorite childhood movies. What a surprise to see it here!

  4. I am with Belle-Etoile, it's one of my favourite childhood movies and I didn't expect to see it here at all! I remember some things but I totally have to watch it again, I believe I have it in VHS. Thank you so much for reminding me of this, Heather! Keep up the excellent blog!

  5. Childhood memories?! Feelin' old.... ;)

  6. Great review. Thank you so much for bringing good ol' Muppet Treasure Island to mind. This is one of the films I never got tired of, growing up.
    By the way, your blog is wonderful. Thank you for sharing such fascinating information.

  7. I ADORE this movie, I own it and watch it all the time. I think the Muppets should be added to every movie. And then when you add the amazing Tim Curry you really just can't go wrong.

    Of course the Muppets are a great fixture in my life- every Christmas Eve my mom and I watch The Muppet Christmas Carol (last year we finally wore out our old VHS tape and got it on DVD).

    I've always been quite impressed with the costuming in Muppet movies. For a kids movie they could have completely forsaken any accuracy, but they actually do a really great job. Much better than most kids movies I've seen (apparently children don't need to bother with accuracy?). The Muppet Christmas Carol has some great costumes.

  8. @Marissa, Thank you so much! Glad you found us!

    @Katy, you're right! They don't cheap out on the costumes do they? *Fondly reflects on Labyrinth