Saturday, October 24, 2009

Bad 18th Century Costume Halloween Countdown

Only one week to go until Halloween!

I don't know what I like more about this costume: the noble mien you would demand upon wearing it, or the fact that it was listed as George Washington Colonial Civil War Costume. Perhaps you can take off that blue atrocity of an overcoat and underneath is your rebel grays. How convenient, two wars in one! After all, we know, George Washington would have been so pleased to know that the country he worked so hard to form would be torn in two less than a century later.


  1. This has to be the nastiest 18c costume I have ever seen. And I'm no spring chicken! Since I don't know even where to tactfully begin without Heather demanding the return of my Tart Heart, I'll focus on how unfair it is that this male costume has no tramp appeal. I know just as many men who would appreciate/wear a manslut costume as women. Plus, it makes for equal opportunity eye candy and/or heckling.

    And where did they find that model? I know these folks probably don't have a Calvin Klein budget, but yikes!

  2. @Polonaise: You are so mean and so right.
    @ Heather: Too funny. I've heard of mixing metaphors, but mixing centuries seems to have as muddled an end.

  3. Oh the pain!!!!! And it's really such a shame because a man in a properly made/properly fitting 18th century costume is HOT.

    Speaking of mixing fashion periods- my favorite ebay listing of all time was for a Victorian Titanic Pioneer dress.

  4. @Katy: That is so stupid it's classic. I'd love to know the back story on that character.

  5. The best time I ever had at a party was donning a costume and assuming another person's identity for the evening (Fifi, the pregnant maid). Someone whose imagination is befuddled by imbibing too much brandy would find this costume quite suitable for the occasion.

  6. How truly pathetic.

    And it looks like it's made of paper.