Wednesday, April 14, 2010

For Your Boudoir

I'm sorry. Once again I found something that might make your wallets a tad bit lighter. I know mine is. In my quest for some new fabulous sheets I came across Wake Up Frankie. As the logo says, it is "fashion for your room" and is just full of scrumptious bed sets and room accessories. These of course, include many modern rococo sets that are as fun as they are chic. I simply can't decide which one I like more. As Lauren said, "Why do I only have one bed!"

He Baroque My Heart

Let Them Eat Cake

Paris Nights

Emma Goes To Prom

And if you aren't due for new bedding there is always fun home accessories!


  1. EVIL! But still, if that 'Emma Goes to Prom' duvet is still available by Friday I'm ordering myself one for my birthday ^_^ I can't think of anything more perfect for my bedroom (and the poor old patchwork quilt my grandmother made for me 10 years ago is beginning to look a bit worn...).

  2. He baroque your heart because he couldn't stand that ugly bedset anymore. Seriously, they are all pretty cute except for that one - bluck.

  3. I need a mansion just so I could buy each set and have a bed each to display them, lol

  4. @Mythosidhe, I was thinking of you when I found the site, it seemed up your alley!

    @Paul, I am surprised that that particular gets your disgust. Is it the fuchsia? I personally like the black on black.

    @Sagittarius, I feel your pain. Perhaps season bed sets?

  5. I think it is the pink and the bow design. I do love a little fuss, but I think I'm more of a ruffles than bows kind of guy. Isn't that last part funny? Anyway, the black damask part is great - I agree.

  6. Oh, Heather, this is just too bizarre. I bought the chandelier with blue bird artwork at a local gift shop just last night during our city's Spring ArtWalk. Different color background but still ... And that whole Paris collection with the crowns, fleur de lys, Eiffel Tower is just made for this gal whose 2 favorite cities are Paris and New Orleans.

    Your ability to consistently suss out fabulousness amazes and delights me.

  7. I will take that compliment to the bank!

    They also have the Paris collection in pink if that suits your fancy. I just think the white is so chic. Of course with my klutziness I would spill tea on it or something.