Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Part of the Ship that Launched Paul Revere Found

TheBostonChannel.com is reporting that a British warship was found off of Cape Cod this week. If that wasn't impressive enough this ship happens to be quite famous. The ship remains are being identified as the HMS Somerset III which is the same warship that Paul Revere slipped past when he had his famous midnight ride. Since the ship was built in 1745 and went down in 1778 I'm surprised there is actually anything left to it. Well, I guess you could say British ships were built to last.

British Warship Paul Revere Eluded Resurfaces

18th Century British Warship Resurfaces on a Beach in Provincetown


  1. That's incredible, especially that they were able to identify it when it looks as though there is hardly anything left of it!

  2. The ship reveals itself every few years, thanks to tides, erosion, etc. A team is using digital imaging technologie to create 3D renderings of what's shown up most recently, for use until it shows up again (I think that last time was sometime in the 70s). The site for the Somerset reenacting group has some great pics from the last time.