Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Duchess With Fire in her Eyes

One of the many famous stories about Georgiana is about an exchange she had with a Irishman.

While stepping out of her carriage one day, the working-class Irishman who was standing before her as she exited, was quite taken by her appearance. Although the actual quote differs from source to source, as well as the man's occupation and sobriety, the man blessed her and said, "let me light my pipe at your eyes." Instead of being affronted by the unusual compliment, Georgiana was quite taken with it, liking the idea of someone seeing a fire in her eyes. Sadly, her eyes would fail her in the future which would cruelly take away that flame.

Georgiana was known to state, that of all the compliments she ever received this one far exceeded all others which were insipid in comparison.


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  2. What a wonderful story :)Thanks for always having something lovely to read :)

  3. Ah! the Irishmen! Love them, exceedingly...

  4. Georgiana's liking that compliment is entirely consistent with my understanding and appreciation for her spirit and wit. Great anecdote.

  5. It just makes sense doesn't it? I can understand why she prized the compliment.