Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Twitter, an 18th Century Creation?

Enfilde had an interesting post go up yesterday discussing Twitter and the 18th Century. The two subjects don't usually go hand in hand. So it may surprise you to hear that The Wall Street Journal is reporting about how they do. How delightful! Curious? Check out:

Tome Tweet Tome?

Twitter Updates, the 18th Century Edition


  1. This really caught my attention. I am going to school for anthropology and also hold a minor degree in history and I had never thought of twitter this way!

  2. I loved the connection between Twitter and 18th century diary entries with regards to providing concise recording of life's minutia.

  3. Many thanks, Heather, for the link to Enfilade, and what a terrific image! Congratulations on the two-year anniversary.