Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Georgiana Drinks

This weekend Lauren, Vic and I began a conversation on Twitter about drinks themed after our favourite icons. Being the lush that I am, I proclaimed I would come up with a Georgiana-inspired drink (or two) just in time for Cinco de Mayo.

Devonshire Brown Martini
Drizzle chocolate syrup into empty martini glass
1 oz VanGough chocolate vodka
1/2 Godiva chocolate liqueur
1 oz Devonshire Irish Cream
Top with whipped cream and or cherry

Kisses For Votes aka Blue and Buff
Champagne of your choice
A dash of Blue Curacao liqueur
Top with cherry

Duchess of D--
3 oz Everclear
8 oz Sprite
6 oz Strawberry Margarita Mix
Blend together with ice and serve in chilled glass


  1. The Devonshire Brown Martini looks to die for! Yum!

  2. The Duchess of D sounds dangerous, but I'll give the other two a try. What fun!

  3. I think your drinks are more exciting than my Pink Pelisse! I will make an image of mine (which can look like Pepto Bismol if one isn't careful!)

    This was a fun contest.

  4. One of the best drinks I have ever had looked like pepto bismal! I made the bartender fix me up something that tasted like chocolate covered strawberries and thats what I got.

  5. You obviously like a dessert martini. I'll quiz my husband [a master of drinkology] for a dryer interpretation, for those of us who would askew the sweeter for the tart. For the record, I can imagine an 18th duchess loving a 'girly' martini.

  6. Guilty as charged. I'm sure your hubby might have more expertise in this field than moi so alterations could be the safest bet!

  7. Ooh - they sound yummy! What a great idea!

    Don't know if I can get hold of Everclear - I think I need to find an alternative ... what does it taste like?

    And I'm totally with you on the sweet drinks!

  8. I have got my drinks, but I think I will save them for Monday.

    Then all you lushes can go wild.

    Mondays are a great day for drinks! Or should they go up Saturday!?