Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bounce to Fop: Stop Being a Bitch

Did you know Alexander Pope's dog was just as poetic as his owner?  It's true!  Pope's dog, Bounce once wrote a poem dedicated to Henrietta Howard's dog, Fop.  Bounce was very critical of Fop's haughty attitude:
We Country Dogs love nobler sport,
And scorn the pranks of Dogs at Court.
Fye, naughty Fop! where  e'er you come
To fart and piss about the room,
To lay your head in every lap,
And, when they think not of you - snap!
I just can't get over how similar Bounce's writing style is to Pope's!


  1. Absolutely hilarious.

  2. That poem reminds of my chichuahua, Sir Black Jones; or as I call it, Blackie :)

  3. The picture is very similar to my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Reinette...or possibly to a bat, given the ears and nose.

  4. @Comtesse, He looks like a papillion to me but your deciphering is correct, Cavalier King Charles!

  5. Charlie the Cavalier King Charles agrees that the picture is of a dog like him - and wonders if he can have their number.

    As to the poem, we all know that Bounce wrote all of Pope's poetry.

  6. Gasp! You are RIGHT!

    Charlie must now fall victim to the same dilemma many of also fall to: fancying a hunk of the past!

  7. Proof that bitchy talking dogs transcend not just generations, but centuries! And does no one else see the cinematic potential here? Costume drama + gossiping canines = COMEDY GOLD! Seriously, the script practically writes itself (or failing that, maybe I should do it...).