Thursday, August 12, 2010

Georgian Holidays Through Satire

Sorry everyone, I have vacations on my mind, so that will be projected onto the blog.  Today let us take a journey through the satirical Georgian holiday, there is still a thing or two we can learn.

James Gillray, Middlesex Election, 1804
 Be prepared for bad traffic...

Thomas Rowlandson, Family on a Journey Laying the Dust, 1800 worst-case scenarios you will have to resort to ducking behind a bush or carriage when nature calls.

Thomas Rowlandson, Portsmouth Point, 1811
Or if you are in the position of trusting your luggage to others, pack accordingly, loosing luggage is never fun.

Carington Bowles, Two Bloods of Humour..., 1771
 Remember, just because you're on vacation doesn't mean you should get too out of control, just a simple out of control should be enough.

George Cruikshank, Royal Embarkment, 1819
 Be sure to be conscious of any skin slip-ups when swimming, the beaches are usually crowded and you never know who is around.

Anon., Mlle des Faveurs a la Promenade a Londres, 1775
Please dress appropriately on hikes and nature walks.

Thomas Rowlandson, Exhibition Room, Somerset House, 1808
Try to add a little culture into your trip, visit a local museum.

James Gillray, Monster Crawls at a New Coalition Feast, 1787
Sample the local fair, don't be afraid to over-indulge.

James Gillray, The Pursuit of Knowledge,  1799
Last but not least, have a great time but be safe doing it!


  1. Such wit. I love the one with the gun and the swarm of birds.

  2. It's good advice - whatever era you live in. What a hoot!

  3. Awesome!! My favorite one was the one with the tall wigs and the hunters LOL :D