Monday, August 30, 2010

A Pouf for Fall 2010?

While flipping through the September issue of Glamour I was reading the delightful proclamation that when it comes to hair this season, bigger is better.  Not 1980's bigger, either; we're talking 1780's! So get out your teasing combs, not to mention your scented pomade, powders, and horsehair bundles (18th century bumpits) because this could be the return of the pouf (not to be confused with the poof sported by Lady Snookie).

Sorry boys, no mention of any macaroni hair trends yet, but I'll be the first to let you know when that vogue reoccurs!  Fashion week is closely approaching after all...

Oscar de la Renta
Tracy Reese



  1. This reminds me of, some hair accessories that have become a trend lately like the return of feathers and flowers made out of fabric. This of course takes me back to our beloved 18th century!! It feels like incorporating a little bit of the past in your daily life ;D

  2. @Fabu, of course you are!

    @Miss H, That's a very good point. I know even I have tried on a headband or two just because it had fancy plumes on it!

  3. (not to be confused with the poof sported by Lady Snookie). So funny. Well, maybe Prince Poppycock can bring the poof back for the macaroni men! Ha.

  4. This is one trend that is hard to believe has come back. Let's hope that the addition of fruit, flowers and ships into the pouf doesn't became part of the trend.

  5. Even my mother! yes my very own mother alerted me to the trend. I guess I will cut my hair next season!

  6. I read the "eighteenth century bumpits" thing to my husband and he replied, "Wow, they're ubiquitous!" and then of course we decided that The Ubiquitous Bumpits would make a great band name. Especially if they did a cover of the Amadeus song from the 80's. ;)

  7. As further proof, check out the new Acne magazine cover: here