Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hunk Alert: Sir William Fitzherbert

SWM, Lawyer, Traveler, seeking wife to produce little baronets with

Being born in the lovely county of Derbyshire has given me a sense of adventure.  After graduating from Cambridge I dragged my neighbor, William Cavendish on the Grand Tour with me.  Beside being a lawyer I have also served as a Usher for the king, so you if you are fond of rubbing elbows with royalty, I got the connections.

You must understand then, if one is so close to the King and Queen, I will need a wife of the ultimate refinement; preferably an heiress.  Must be able to deal with my hectic schedule and be savvy with the various businesses of the household.


  1. Tee hee! I dated a guy the looked just like him in high school! I wonder if they're related!

  2. He looks just like this hot guy at the gym, but with an 18th cent. gut. Still yummy, though.

  3. It's by Pompeo Batoni, right?
    -he is hot indeed!
    ...but not as hot as a guy on another Batoni-portrait... maybe i even first saw him here? -when he on was "Hunk Alert" know, an irascible-looking man in bright red...?
    -if he hasn't already been hunk, he should!

    Best, Tutta

  4. What would Sarah Perrin say about her husband posting singles ads online!

    Sir WILLIAM Fitzherbert, of Tissington, eldest son, was born May 27th, 1748, was one of the Gentlemen Ushers Daily Waiters to his present Majesty and was created a Baronet, January 23d, 1784. He was a Fellow Commoner of St. John's College, Cambridge and obtained the degree of A.M. by mandamus, in 1767. He was, during seven years, a practising Barrister but passed the latter part of his life at his seat in Derbyshire, and took a very active and useful share in the public business of that county as one of its Magistrates, and as Recorder of the borough of Derby. He was author of two small tracts; one entitled Maxims and the other, A Dialogue on the Revenue Laws; both of which are elegantly written, and display much useful and practical knowledge and observation, together with the highest benevolence and zeal for the public good. He died July 30th, 1791 , aged forty-three, having married at St. George's, Bloomsbury Square, October 14th, 1777, Sarah, only daughter of William Perrin, of the Island of Jamaica, Esq. Which Lady died in London, 1795 and was buried at Tissington, near her husband.

    By her he had issue.

  5. @CA, Lucky girl! It sure makes you wonder...

    @Paul Miller, That reminds me of this beloved blogger who advocates a little "chunk" on the male figure Link

    @Tutta, It is Batoni, and it was created to match the portrait of the Duke of Devonshire done at the same time.

    @holic, Perhaps that is how Sarah found her hubby ;) But on a sad note dear Sir William didn't live past his late 40s, and died very young, soon followed by his teenage son.

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  7. I'm afraid he is not as handsome as the last hunk. I suppose beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Baron Dover is really gorgeous...

  8. Did anyone see Prince Poppycock on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno?

    You would like it, Heather.