Monday, December 27, 2010


William Turner, Travellers in a Snowdrift,
Caspar David Friedrich, The Chasseur in the Forest, 1814
George Morland, Soldier's Return
Abraham Teerlink, By the koek-en-zopie, 1806
Henry Raeburn, Reverend Robert Walker, 1795

Francisco Goya, The Snowstorm, ca. 1786-87
Wilhelm Alexander Wolfgang von Kobell, Postilion on Horse in a Winter Landscape, ca. 1798


  1. I'm sensing a theme....What could it be? :)

    By the way, I've always loved that Raeburn picture of the ice-skating reverend. He looks so serious while he's striking that funny pose.

  2. Ha! How very perceptive of you! I love the Raeburn as well, you can see why the Nation Gallery of Scotland adopted it for their logo/mascot.

  3. Please forgive my pedantry for my first comment on your blog (and edit it if you think it fit). Chausseur is a shoe-maker, not a hunter (chasseur). A funny mistake, but maybe you do not want it that way. Thanks for the interesting posts.

  4. Ha! A Cobbler in the Woods

    Thanks for pointing it out, I surely wouldn't have noticed otherwise!