Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Rakish Good Fun!

Vampire Weekend is known for the creative and spunky music videos and this one is not just appropriate for this blog but appropriate for this week!  In their video for Holiday they decided it shouldn't just be the girls who have all the fun prancing around in 18th century wear and donned some appropriate clothing to be causing a ruckus in.


  1. So funny! I'm in tears. Don't mess with guys in powdered wigs!


  2. Marvellous, Darling!

    ...and now somthing that is 18th century related but - I belive - not exactly your cup of tea:


    Don't forget to read about what those naughty Portuguese girls were doing in 1877...

  3. I can't stand Vampire Weekend, BUT i so loved their outfits ^^

  4. The video makes me want to dress in historically accurate wear and be a hooligans. It reminds me of the classic Monty Python sketch about Old Lady gangs.

    @Fabu, I LOVE that site, it's packed with such great information! I wish his book was more affordable though.

  5. I was also thinking about Monty Python, that video is hysterical! I already love Vampire Weekend, but this makes them better!

  6. Three of my favorite things: Vampire Weekend, In N Out, and 18th century dress. Awesome.