Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Devonshire Collection Coming to a Livingroom Near You

Spendthrifts and impulse-buyers, hide your credit cards.  Give them to a more level-headed person, before reading any further.  Have you done that? Good, I will take your word for it.  Ever dream of owning the artwork adorning Georgiana's homes?  Well good luck getting your hands on anything from that priceless collection but thank you to the good people at Chatsworth we now have an option that is almost as good.

Many of the great works of art from the Devonshire Collection are now available to buy as high-quality prints.  The collection spans the centuries and ranges from renaissance sketches to the portraits of many of the people discussed here.  You can check out the small gallery of "Bestsellers" here or the full gallery here which is constantly growing.

For those with more self-control with their wallets, strolling through the online print gallery is like a behind-the-scenes tour of the artwork of Chatsworth, for it contains both work hidden in private quarters and those that crazy artnerds bend their body in all sorts of Matrix-like positions in order capture a small detail of (see photo at left).  I was surprised at the amount of portraits of Hart, some I had seen and some were new to me.  Other familiar faces you may recognize among the portraits are Caroline Lamb, Little G, Lady Spencer, Lady Blanche, Canis, Bess, and others too numerous to count.  Portraits of Georgiana are, not surprisingly, a big feature of the collection.  Personally, I am measuring my a certain wall for the gorgeously-reproduced Cosway portrait of Georgiana.

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