Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hunk Alert: Charles, Marquess of Londonderry

SWM, Soldier (Officer), Ambassador, Civil-Servant
Likes: Ireland, England, Fighting, Foxy Ladies, Drinking, Writing

I consider myself a real man's man.  I like my booze plentiful, my women available and my hats extremely tall.  A thing isn't done right unless it's done to the EXTREME.  So if there's an uprising I will squash it, if there is a woman I will grab her, if there is a beer I will drink it, and if a dispute arises I will throw punches.  But I also have a sensitive side and in my more vulnerable moments you'll find me at my writing desk.

I am looking for a woman who can turn heads.  A smart, enterprising woman of grace would be the most suitable for me.  She must also be able to travel frequently, be sociable, and deal with a sudden bursts of pure testosterone from time to time.  Heiresses welcome to make their acquaintances.