Monday, April 4, 2011

The Lady-Love of the Blacksmith's Son

Considering my mysterious love of Dodge muscle cars I am convinced that I may have pitched the idea of this commercial myself...I just don't remember doing it.  This could just be the best commercial yet.

Dodge and its fabulous sports cars have a history of 18th century themed commercials of awesomeness.  Remember the Challenger one?


  1. LOL That was a car commercial and a movie commercial all in one!

  2. Omg that's awesome! American's have the best commercials!

  3. Yes, but if only it was advertising the movie with Cornelius, sigh.

    @Rebecca, we miss out on the funny Cadbury commercials :)

  4. I'd love to see a full-length movie of that. My favorite part was when the building exploded for no reason at all.

  5. Cornelius is a high-flaluting name for a commoner! Seriously, though, I love it.

    As for Cadbury--around Easter it seems they use the same commercial from about 20 years ago...

  6. @ktbeel, I'm totally with you on that!

    @heidilea, is, sounds almost puritan? Perhaps there is hope for him with a name like that.

    The Cadbury commercial did change! So disappointing. They now say "Nobody knows Easter like Hersey's" rather than "the Cadbury Bunny" It's just not as charming for me.