Friday, June 17, 2011

Society Sisters

Ever since the royal wedding in April, Pippa Middleton has become a star.  The newly dubbed Duchess of Cambridge has been no stranger to the spotlight for some time now but as soon as her sister, Pippa stepped out in that famous McQueen gown, she too was turning heads.

Now whenever the two Middleton sisters step out together it's a double-duo of celebrity, paparazzi and fabulosity.  So of course, I am reminded of two other society sisters who became celebrities once one married a duke.  Photographs may not have existed in the 1770's but the press and satirical images certainly did.  Georgiana was almost always portrayed with her sister, Harriet who became a celebrity for her associations with her elder sister.  Once again, history repeats itself.


  1. Lovely girls. Both sets ;o) Here's hoping this royal marriage is a success.

  2. THey are just lovely..
    So prim-proper and yet modern.
    Thanks for sharing