Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hoppner's Drawings of Ladies

I haven't written extensive on John Hoppner before, which is a shame because he is one of very talented artists to come out of the late eighteenth century.  His parents emigrated to England from Germany to be attendants in the London palaces of Hanovers.  Hoppner's talent as a tot gained the notice of George III who continued to encourage the boy and was his first patron.  George's interest in the boy caused whispers to fly that Hoppner was an illegitimate son of the king, but it is highly unlikely.  Hoppner painted some of the great personalities of the time but it is his drawings that I find particularly captivating. 

Georgiana Duchess of Devonshire, 1784
Sarah, Countess of Tyrconnell, 1792
Mary 'Perdita' Robinson, c1783
Unknown Lady, 1785
Lavinia Banks
Catherine Bulteel, 1781

A Standing Woman
Mrs Houlton, 1801
Lady Charlotte Maria Waldegrave, 1780
Jane Douce, 1804-6


  1. There is a little bit more than the Gainsborough-Lazy-Eye about them isn't there. Some of them seem to be have a lot of life behind those eyes, as we know they did.

  2. Ha! I never heard that before! But thanks a lot now I'm going to be seeing it in so many Gainsboroughs now, oh criminy. I know G-borough was tortured over getting Georgiana's eyes right.

  3. What lovely renderings,a water color style very nice,thanks.

  4. Gainsborough was tortured over Mrs. Siddons' nose too )

    Heather, do you like Lady Tyrconnell's ensemble?

  5. I do, would wear that jacket today if I had it! Do you like it?

  6. Really exquisite drawings. So beautiful.