Friday, November 8, 2013

Bowie, Venetian Masquerades, and Designer Clothes

...What more could a girl want?  Louis Vuitton have taken a brash marketing move in directly targeting ME for their new campaign.

Does anyone else relate to the protagonist in this? Don't we all do this when we visit historic sites?


  1. I think I will watch this about 15 more times!
    Listen to Venice - no Bowie, but what a great time to go during carnival!

  2. divine!

    thanks for sharing.

    quelle g l a m o r o u s


  3. I know, I wish I could say this was my Thursday night!

  4. Now this full clip makes more sense than the abbreviated commercial aired locally. I like Davie Bowie, he has degeneratively aged quite well. Consider the cost of this lavish commercial versus the cost of that one little hand bag. Whoot!