Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Rake's Progress, Part 2: Surrounded by Artists and Professors

When we last saw our young man about town he was in mourning for the recent passing of his father. Now we rejoin him at his morning levee. And what a crowded levee it is! In fact, while Tom is being groomed for the day ahead he also conducts important business. He must be very busy now that he is the head of the household. You may notice that the somber surrounding of his father's home have now been transformed into the luxurious ones they should have been. Now that's the home of an heir!

The many faces crowding around Tom are the various artists and instructors that are now on his payroll or vying to get on that payroll. A beautifully rendered musical instructor sits at the harpsichord. Amoung the other masters there is a fencing master, quarterstaff instructor, a landscaper, a fox hunt bugler, and even an old drunken soldier offering to be a bodyguard; although I couldn't imagine who would want to kill Tom. Taking center stage, and even upstaging our subject himself is the very french dance instructor in exaggerated dress-a real pet peeve of Hogarth's. Tom's tutor does not look amused at all by the crowded levee. He crosses his arms and grumbles at the zealous fencing instructor.

Oh how will Tom decide between all these neccessary services? He will simply just have to take them all. It is the only means of improving the most fashionable way of course!

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  1. "All these necessary services!" Hogarth, of course, is SOOO relevant today. So many luxuries have become NECESSITIES. Or at least that's how we perceive them.

    Great food for thought on this Earth Day!

  2. I am enchanted by the mens' waistcoats. They look rich and sumptuous!

  3. Who wouldn't want to kill Tom is more like it!

    Though some noblemen might be tolerant enough if their wives were unfaithful with a man of the same class, were they to cast eyes on some handsome rogue considered "inferior" in some way (i.e. lower origins, less "manly" etc;), why--that needed blood atonement!

    It's nice to see Tom is getting all those vital needs taken care of!

  4. I can never get enough Hogarth! His work is always so chock full. I love the dancing master! I just bought a catalogue from a Hogarth show (that I missed, of course) and can't wait to jump in. Looking forward to part 3.

  5. Haha I love the dancing master!! I also love the pink coat! Personally I prefer Gillray over Hogarth (partly because Gillray is way more obvious and doesn't require as much thought on my part! and partly because I haven't seen much of Hogarth!), but these are entertaining!