Thursday, April 16, 2009

Voting Registry

I was thinking on this fine, sunny day how it was perfect weather for a good canvass. Then I remembered, why this was canvassing season after all! When Georgiana infamously canvassed for Charles James Fox in the 1784 Westminster election, she began in April and went into May. So my faithful citizens of the blogosphere, it is time for you to do your duty and register in your political party of choice. And no, Independent is not an option! We're talking serious politics here! Everyone knows the only two real parties are Tory and Whig. So which one are you?

You might be a Tory if:
  • You support the King's right to the direction of state
  • You support or attended Oxford
  • You would rather have a mad king on the throne than a party-animal prince
  • You are not totally opposed to slavery...the prices of massages these day, sheesh!
  • You tend to be a bit conservative
  • You think religion is very important, and by religion I mean the only religion, Anglican!
  • You are a fan of William Pitt, even if he won't admit he's really a Tory
  • You wouldn't mind kidnapping someone in the name of getting the right person elected.
  • You think of yourself as old-fashioned, because some values should never go extinct

You might be a Whig if:
  • You constantly find yourself out with the lads at the local Gentlemen's Club
  • You support or attended Cambridge
  • You think the King is great and all but...Parliament should have more say than one guy!
  • Any religion is good with you, pass the wine!
  • You are from a great aristocratic family
  • You like free trade
  • You think slavery is abominable
  • You think a good old-fashioned revolution is good for a country
  • You think the colour combination of blue and buff could just never go out of style
You can "register" in the sidebar. Now get out there and canvass for your favorite candidate! Bonus: Show your patriotism with these political party buttons!


  1. I would be a Whig except that I would NEVER punt from the Cambridge end. And i'm not talking about sexually. I am an Oxford girl, through and through.

  2. Haha! You are the rebel Oxford Whig

  3. You may be a Whig if a 100 years after the fact, you try to make amends to all the Catholics' whose lives you damaged.

    You may be a Whig if your ancestor 1) was a tart who slept with a King and claims her child was fathered by him
    2) was a Court Madam/Pimp who slept with the King's Mistress (guess who?)
    3) betrayed his King and country with treasonous acts and sold out anybody, including his own family members, for riches.
    4) Every 2nd member of your family is a raging alcoholic.

  4. Ha, this is adorable. Is that the Duchess of Gordon as the Tory lady?

  5. Thanks guys!
    It is the Duchess of Gordon, good eye!

  6. It's tricky! I mean nowadays I'm totally a Whig (I think most people would be), but in the 18th century I would have to be a Tory. I think scorn for Prinny outweighs all else. George III may have been a madman, but he was a nice madman.

  7. Mrs. VG, George III was a NICE madman? He was an anti-catholic bigot.