Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Results are In!

Last month I began a poll to see if my blog readership mostly consisted of Tories or Whigs. Well the results are overwhelming Whig (84% in fact). It seems most favor the same political party our beloved duchess subscribed to.

Which makes me feel a bit like the Morning Chronicle.

The 18th century saw the birth of the press as we know it and, more importantly, freedom of press. Because of these two aspects, newspapers tended to lean toward certain political opinions, just as certain television networks do now. The Morning Post favoured the Tories whilst the Morning Chronicle favoured the Whigs. While Georgiana was canvassing in the 1784 election, the Morning Post was notoriously badmouthing her every move and making up scathing falsities. But of course the Morning Chronicle was not without its own faults; no newspaper was truly innocent.

I guess my humble blog is also just as guilty for favouring the Whigs, so I apologize to my 17 beloved Tory readers. Don't worry though...I sense more Tory-ish posts in the future.


  1. I did not cast a vote, being a subject of His Majesty Joseph II. If I were a free man, however, as you in England are free, I would have to say that I am a little Tory and a little Whig. Which, I suppose, makes me a Twig.

  2. Oh, Mr Mozart is so droll!

    I confess that I'm a little on the Whiggy side, but maybe we'll get some more Tory dirt on the Duchess of Gordon. (She keeps an eye on me as I sit at the computer, but I have yet to bend to her will.)

  3. I did cast a vote although I am a subject of His Great Absolute Majesty D.João V, the king of Portugal and the Algarves from this part of the world to the over-seas, Lord of Guinea, Ethiopia, Arabia, Persia and India.

    Will I burn in a auto-de-fé for such a treason?

  4. When I hear auto-de-fé I just have to think of Mel Brooks and The Inquisition. Too funny!!