Friday, December 3, 2010

Royalty Descended from Tarts

There's been much fuss over the upcoming movie, The King's Speech, starring Colin Firth as George VI, Queen Elizabeth's father.  Enchanted Serenity has a great post on George VI's relationship with his wife, Elizabeth, the Queen Mother who died at 101 in 2002.  Before she was queen, Elizabeth was Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon.  Does that last name sound familiar?

The late Queen Mother is a decedent of Mary Eleanor Bowes the heiress with the amazing tale of domestic issues and survival.  Elizabeth's last name, Bowes-Lyons was created when Mary's first husband, John Lyon, Earl of Strathmore married her in order to secure the Bowes fortune.  As a condition for inheriting the fortune, John had to legally change his name to Bowes-Lyons which the Earls of Strathmore continue to carry to this day.

Glamis Castle, the childhood home of the current queen which features on the back of Scottish 10-pound notes is also the former home of Mary Eleanor. 

The King's Speech is in select US theaters now, will be released in Canadian theaters 10 December, and in UK theaters 7 January.


  1. The current Prime Minister of England is descended from a Tart. Dorothy Jordan and William IV.

  2. It seems to have a very limited US release. This is very upsetting as it looks to be a wonderful film!

  3. now,email does notwork in Northern Canada.
    I am wondering if we can't do a bit of a blog on the upcoming Duschess of Cambridge's wedding dress (to none other than HRH Prince William/Wales)
    Can we all stay up and watch the wedding together? I did not get my invite!
    love to all, Margravaine Louisa von Braun xo xo

  4. Elizabeth, really? How cool is that! The Margravine, I love this idea of watching together. Do they have a firm date yet?

  5. yes, they are getting married on April 28th!

  6. That's interesting background information about Elizabeth! There's so much I'd like to read about the history of the royals!

    Thanks for linking to my post! I can't wait to watch the film again!