Sunday, February 6, 2011

For the 18th Century Enthusiast- Fun Distractions During the Superbowl

Looking for something to distract you in between Superbowl commercials?  I am, and if I had planned ahead I could have made a great post with fun links and distractions, however the genius idea didn't strike me until just now so the choices are limited but hopefully just as distracting!

Learn Georgiana's favorite card game and play a saloon?
What Color Should You Powder Your Wig?
Marie Pigtoinette
Best Promo Ever
Walking on Broken Glass Pop Up Video
Georgiana Gossip
Her favorite compliment
The Georgiana Queen Victoria Connection
A Toiling Schedule
Another Toiling Schedules
Why Canis isn't all that Bad
Horrible Histories
 The 4 Georges
Georgian Doctor
Georgian Make-Up
Benjamin Franklin
How to Make a Clock
Drunk History

1 comment:

  1. Oh those should be interesting to read! though since i'm not american, i don't really need them as a distraction from the superbowl...but a distraction from school! I'll take it :D